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 Psychotherapy, Life Coaching 

Holistic & Spiritual Counseling

​Jody Friedman, LCSW

 Certified Psychoanalyst



Specializing in:​
Anxiety / Trauma
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Depression / Bereavement
Life Transitions: (Young Adult, Mid-                 Life & Senior Passages)
Self-Esteem / Self-Acceptance

Creativity (Blocks & Anxiety)
Improving Relationships
Work Issues (Co-Workers, Fulfillment)  
Life Coaching: Empowering Focus                       From Plan to Action

Hello and welcome to my website. I have 35+ years of experience as an LCSW, depth oriented Certified Psychoanalyst with years of training in Gestalt, Jungian, Self-Psychology, Narrative Therapy, Trauma Release, Mind/ Body/ Spirit Integration, CBT, Life Coaching , Spiritual Counseling and the study of Culture, Myths & Folklore. I am dedicated to listening with an open mind, compassion, deep attention to your feelings and moods, insightful interpretation and sensitive guidance.  I work deeply with past childhood experiences and with your present life situations. My awareness of Mind/Body/Spirit, multiple therapy training and coaching allows me to offer you a unique holistic experience of release, healing and guidance. It also also enables me to reach unique aspects of each client and offer you more ways to understand and safely express your feelings and shift thinking/behavior that no longer serves you.

The psychotherapy I offer is tailored to your needs to create a safe, caring and enlightened environment for the healing of trauma, depression, isolation, anxiety, eating disorders, life transitions of early adulthood, mid-life and older adults dealing with separation, loss, relationships, career shifts and grief.  It is important to stress that healing involves growth in many areas, I offer all my skill and guidance to support your entry into new areas of interest, creativity, business, self-expression, healthy boundaries, release of habitual triggers or wherever your inner guidance leads you.  I have a daily spiritual practice that maintains my self-awareness, groundedness and inner clarity so that I come to each session open-hearted, free from judgement with intuitive wisdom and years of knowledge.


I want to help you find the joy, self-acceptance and empowerment you are seeking.  You don’t have to do this alone, I am dedicated to provide life-changing healing for mind and spirit to all my clients.  If you prefer to focus on one or two issues only I would be equally honored to help you reach your goals.

Contact me here.

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