​Jody Friedman, LCSW


"Jody is a true healer, she helped me like no other, masterfully guiding me into the most profound healing experiences of m life, transforming my body, emotions and spirit.  My gratitude for her is boundless." 

D.A., Philadelphia, PA.

"I experienced complete healing due to Jody's genuine love, understanding and transforming talents.  She is truly blessed and gifted.  She took me through my healing where I found my joy and my voice. My wish is for everyone to experience her gifts."

L.L., Royersford, PA.

"I had tried many different therapists but my problems weren't changing and my life wasn't improving until I worked with Jody.  She has a combination of deep knowledge, compassion, humor and presence that allowed her to understand and see me like no one else has.   I enjoy so many things I used to be afraid of and I have this sense that my possibilities are endless."

J.C., New York, N.Y.

"She is a rare therapist and I was so fortunate to find her.  I have the life that I had hoped for and I handle disappointments and grow from them.  The old misery and belief that I had to suffer are gone or extremely vague, in it's place is more joy, peace, creativity and passion."

M.T., New York, N.Y.


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