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​Jody Friedman, LCSW



I believe that each individual has special gifts, strengths and joy which they need to make a living reality, I am able to see through to that real person.  The depression, anxiety or rage the client feels gradually becomes harnessed to activate healing. They are a symptom of what has gone wrong and it is only through exploring and understanding these wounds that self-compassion, consciousness, power and joy can emerge.  The psychotherapy I offer is the process of gradually peeling off the inhibiting layers to help you actualize and create a life that integrates your unique qualities and joy.


​My expertise is my knowledge, compassion, experience and depth.  I listen with an open mind and heart to create a space where you are seen and accepted without judgement.  You are the focus in each session, your pace, your feelings and what you want to accomplish. My ability to see beyond the mask and the chaos to a client’s truer being helps support them as they work through their blocks.  There is a line from a Rilke poem which beautifully states what is there in each of us: “Thou my sacred solitude/thou are as rich and clean and wide/as an awakening garden…..”​

My Philosophy

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